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Branford Gun Club Inc.

40 Red Hill Rd

Branford, CT 06405


Constitution and By-Laws




These by-laws were adopted on 11/5/1984 and revised on 3/6/2018 will be in effect and therefore rescind and repeal all previous By Laws of this Club, pending amendments, and/or changes. 


Name, Philosophy, Purpose and Objective

Section I. This corporation shall be known as the Branford Gun Club, Inc., of Branford, Connecticut, and may hereafter be referred to as the “Club”. 

Section 2. This corporation shall be affiliated with the National Rifle Association. OBJECT - The object of this private organization shall be the

encouragement of organized rifle, shotgun, Archery and pistol shooting among citizens of the United States who reside in Connecticut with a view toward a better knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved marksmanship. It shall be our further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism. 

Section 3. The corporation shall be non-profit and tax exempt, and no part of the earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of any member, director, or officer of the corporation, or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the corporation affecting one or more of its purposes), and no member, shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the corporate assets on dissolution of the corporation. The corporation shall not have or issue any shares or stock. 

Section 4. Upon dissolution or winding up of this corporation after paying for or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the corporation, the remaining assets shall be used to either form a new club or consolidate with an existing club that will accept our membership, as the membership shall select, the same to be used and devoted as nearly as practicable in accordance with the purpose of this corporation as herein set out but in no case shall a corporation, fund or foundation be so selected unless the same qualities as an exempt organization under Section 501 (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or any successor substitute therefore. 




Section l. Eligibility. Any citizen of the United States, eighteen years of age or over may become a member of this club on a secret ballot vote by the membership present and on payment of the usual initiation fee and dues. Three (3) NO votes will be required to reject an applicant. Member must abide by the N.R.A. Pledge as follows: 

“I certify that I am a citizen of The United States of America and that I am not a member of any organization or group which has as any part of its program, the attempt to overthrow the Government of The United States or any of its political subdivisions by force or violence, and if admitted to membership, I will faithfully endeavor to fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship.”

Section 2. Applicants. Applicants for membership in the Branford Gun Club Inc. must be endorsed (sponsored) by a member in good standing. At the meeting at which the applications are voted upon, the sponsor must be present, and all fees must be presented. A show of hands shall be taken to accept or reject the applicant with a minimum of three (3) dissenting votes needed to disqualify him. In the event an applicant is disqualified because of three or more dissenting votes, the application will be tabled and the Membership Committee Chairman or the president will read the following: This applicant (name of applicant) has been disqualified by three or more dissenting votes. Those dissenting, having legal, moral, or any other valid reason to deny this applicant membership in the Branford Gun Club must, before the next regular meeting of this Club make their reasons for denying membership known to the Chairman of the Membership Committee or to any officer of the Club. The names of the dissenting voters will be kept in strict confidence. However, their reason for denying membership will be given to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will meet and take the following action:

1.  Carefully, and fully consider the reasons given for denial of membership. 

2.  Reinvestigate the applicant thoroughly based on the reasons given for denial of the membership. 

3.  Uphold the denial and recommend that the applicant not be admitted to the membership and inform the Secretary of this in writing. 

4.  Find that the reasons given for denial of membership not being legal, moral, or valid, submit the application and reasons to the membership for reconsideration. If the event that no reasons for denial of membership are given between the meeting at which the dissenting votes were cast and the next regular meeting, the applicant in question will be granted membership. The Secretary shall inform the applicant of the action of the Club in writing and take any action necessary. If the event that the sponsor is not present, the vote shall be tabled for one month only. The applicant, if not sponsored, will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list


A.      After a new member has been voted into the Club, at the earliest possible time, he/she shall be given a copy of the bylaws, and a key (upon receipt of a deposit.  

B.      After a new member has been voted into the club there will be a      one-year probation period in which time he/she shall have all the rights and privileges of a regular member except voting. After one year, if all obligations of membership are completed, this member will have the right to vote. Probationary members must complete two(2)hours in each area range,trap,Archery and House.                    

Section 3. Types of Membership. The membership of the Club shall consist of:  

A.  Regular Member – All members who meet the requirements in Article II Sections 1 and 2, and do not fall under any other membership type noted below. 

B.  Courtesy Member – All landowners who grant the use of their lands and accepted by the Branford Gun Club Inc. shall be eligible for Courtesy Membership in The

Branford Gun Club Inc. without power to vote or to hold elected office. This Courtesy Membership is to include wife and or husband, sons and or daughters ONLY. They are exempt from all financial and other obligations of members.  

C.  Junior Member – Children of regular members between the ages of 12 through 17 years may become a Junior Member of this Club based on –payment of dues (1/2 that of regular membership, and secret ballot vote by members present as in Article II Section I). They may not vote or hold office. Junior members may not attend meetings unless invited by the elected officers. 

D.  Senior Member – All members, upon reaching 10 (ten) years in the club and at age

65, shall be made a Senior Member. It is their responsibility to notify the Membership Chairperson (1ST VP) of this event. Those reaching this eligibility will be changed to this status at the October meeting ONLY

Nominations for Senior Membership will be accepted from the floor during the October monthly meeting (only) and shall be voted on by the membership in accordance with Article II, Section 1. 

Senior Members will be levied 50% of regular member’s dues, assessments, etc. except Hunting fees, and their support is encouraged and welcomed in the financial efforts of the Club. Senior Members will be afforded all privileges of regular member. 

Section 4. Closing of Membership. A. As membership grows beyond the 225 members resources of the Club, all new applications for regular membership shall be tabled.

B.      The closing of membership shall come upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee and approval by two thirds vote of members present at a regular monthly meeting. 

C.      Applicants shall be placed on a waiting list, ranked by application date. All fees collected from the applicant shall be returned and the secretary shall notify them of the action. 

As Club resources increase or membership declines, the tabled applications shall be voted on in accordance with Article II, Section 2.

Section 5 Membership Obligations. Members are obligated and expected to:

A. Attend a minimum of four (4) meetings per year.  

B.  Attend work parties for the repair and maintenance of the Club’s facilities. 

C.  Participate in the cleaning of hunting land and the promotion of good Landowner relations through courteous use of their land. 

D.  Sign in when entering the Range building and observe all rules for the use of all Club facilities and clean said facilities after their use. 

E.  All Regular member must perform a minimum number of hours of work per year or pay an assessment in lieu of, as determined by the membership at the August meeting. 

F.  Abide by all rules and regulations governing all facilities and property maintained by the Club. 

Conformance to the above regulations by Physically Handicapped members shall be on a voluntary basis. 

G.  Effective October 1, 1993, all members must be enrolled NRA members to continue Branford Gun Club membership.                                            

Article III

Dues, Fees and Assessments

Section 1. Dues


A.     The Club’s financial year will run from October 1st to September 30th.


B.     The members’ Annual dues to the Club shall be set during the August meeting for the next year, by the membership, decided by a two-thirds majority vote by the membership present. 


C.     Junior members desiring to receive a season hunting permit, must pay   the fee established at the April meeting each year. 


D.     All dues are payable September 1st of each year.


E.     Elected officers, that is, the President, First Vice President, Second

Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and the Treasurer, are exempted from paying the yearly dues fee during their tenure of office.


Section 2.  Fees


A.  Initiation fees for the Club shall be $500 plus the annual dues.  The initiation fee may be paid in installments with at least $250 due prior to voting on applicant. The balance shall be to be paid, prior to the end of the current fiscal year, or member shall be automatically dropped without refund of any portion of paid dues or initiation fees. 

Section 3.  Assessments


A.     Obligation Assessments – Anyone not fulfilling his work requirement or raffle ticket/Lucky Target requirements shall be assessed a fine in lieu of. This assessment shall be set for each year by the membership at the August meeting for the next year.


B.     Payment of this assessment shall be due September 1st of each year.




Hunting Permits


A.      Members must have satisfied the membership obligations outlined in Article II, Section 5, before October 1st.


B.      No member shall be given a hunting permit who has not completed his minimum number of work hours or who has not paid his dues and all other outstanding financial obligations.



Suspension or Expulsions


A.      ARREARAGES – Any Member in arrears three months in payment of dues and any assessments levied shall be classed as delinquent and such member will be dropped from the roll of membership after notice by letter which shall be mailed prior to the last thirty days of the three-month delinquent period.  These members may only be reinstated to their standing in the Club by a two-thirds vote of approval of the members present at any regular meeting, by secret ballot, provided all back and current dues and assessments plus a fee set at each September meeting are paid in full. 


B.      SUSPENSIONS – Members may be suspended or expelled from the Club only upon a proper showing of cause.  Charges shall be based on neglect of any club rules, dishonesty and conduct unbecoming a Sportsperson and member.  All charges must be made in writing by the accusers, and no member in good standing shall lose his membership until given a fair hearing. The Club shall be the judge of its own membership, subject to the restrictions of the By-Laws.  The charges shall be in writing and filed with the Secretary at least two (2) weeks before a vote is taken.  The accused member may select one or two members of the Club to present his case.


The Secretary shall give written notice, to all members, of intended action taken at the meeting.  Said member may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  These subjects shall be voted upon by secret ballot.  A two-thirds vote of members to accept or reject is required.


C.      REINSTATEMENT – Any previous member who left in good standing may request reinstatement in writing.  Said member will be voted upon according to Article II (Membership), with the exception of initiation fee of fifty dollars.





Section 1.  Meetings


A.      ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING – The annual meeting of the Club shall be held on the first Monday of October in each year.  The following items of business shall appear on the agenda for each annual business meeting:


1.     Report of Officers relative to the club’s accomplishments for the past year and possible recommendations for the coming year.


2.     Report of Committee Chairman relative to the above.


3.     Old and New Business


4.     Election of New Officers for the ensuing year.


     Note: The slate of candidates for the ensuing year must be presented by the Nominating Committee at the September meeting by Nominating Committee.  At the annual meeting, prior to the election of the new slate of officers the outgoing president will give an Inventory Report of all Club property and equipment.  This report will then be turned over to the President elect, (himself, if re-elected) and recorded in Club records.


B.      MONTHLY MEETINGS – Monthly meetings shall be held on the first Monday of each calendar month, except National holidays or meetings cancelled due to inclement weather.  Meetings will then be held on the second Monday.


C.      SPECIAL MEETINGS – Special meetings may be called at any time by the president by giving the prescribed notice and shall be called upon the written request of ten members of the Club.  Said notice will be mailed by Secretary, at least five days prior to the date of the meeting.


Section 2.  Meeting Procedure.


The regular order of business shall be as follows: 

A.     Call meeting to order

B.     Secretary’s Minutes of previous meeting are read

C.     Treasurer’s Report

D.     Communications, reading of bills, etc.

E.     Reports of Standing Committees

F.     Election of new members

G.     Unfinished Business

H.     New Business (For the good of the Club)

I.     Adjournment


Section 3.  Rules of Order


A.      Every member desiring the privilege of the floor shall rise and address the Chair. 

B.      The first member recognized by the Chair shall be entitled to the floor.

C.      No motion can come before the Club unless moved and seconded and declared open for discussion by the Chair.

D.      Any member may call for decision on any question. Once a motion has been discussed, voted upon, and passed or rejected, the said motion can not be brought up for discussion or voted upon for a minimum of one year. 

E.      All questions of order unless otherwise decided by the By-Laws shall be settled by consulting “Roberts Rules of Order”.

F.      When a point of order is raised by any member, the person having the floor shall take his seat until the point is decided by the Chair, when if proper, he may resume.

G.      No member shall speak more than five (5) minutes on any one subject at a time or more than two (2) times on the same subject, except by permission of the Chair.

H.      When a motion is properly before the Club, it must be disposed of before another motion can be entertained, nor shall a motion be made subject to more than two amendments.

I.      No subject laid on the table shall be taken up again during the same meeting, unless it was so understood when the subject was tabled.

J.      Any motion to reconsider must come from a member who voted with the majority, when the action to be considered was taken.

K.      Any member may appeal to the Club from the decision of the Chair, when the Question shall be stated thus “Shall the decision of the Chair be sustained?” which shall be decided by a majority of all members voting.


Section 4.  Quorum.


A.      Eligibility to vote.  Only regular members in good standing shall have the right to vote.  There will be no proxy votes.


B.      Majority.  Except as otherwise noted all matters brought before the floor shall be settled by simple majority of regular members voting in assembly.                                                                   




Section 1.  Eligibility


A.      Only regular members of the Club shall be eligible to serve as elected officers.


B.      Candidates for office must have a minimum of 2 years in good standing in order to qualify for an elective office. 

Section 2. Officers


A.     President

          1st Vice President

                2nd Vice President


B.     Recording Secretary

          Publicity and Correspondence Secretary


C.     Treasurer


D.     Board of Trustee’s


          First  – 1 for 4 years

          Second – 1 for 3 years

          Third  - 1 for 2 years

          Fourth – 1 for 1 year


        Members of the Board of Trustees cannot serve two consecutive terms.


Section 3.  Duties of the Officers.


A.     President – shall preside over meetings of the Club and Executive Committee.  He shall exercise general supervision over all Club affairs.  He shall be a member, ex-officio, of all committees.


B.     First Vice President – shall, in the absence or disability of the president, have all powers and perform all the duties of the president, shall be chairman ex-officio of the Committee on Membership.   He shall maintain a list of members work hours.  He hall be responsible for distributing Permit Required Land permits to members.


C.     Second Vice President – Shall in the absence or disability of the President and First Vice President, have all powers and perform all the duties of the President.  He shall be in charge of Club and Range use and payments: posting these activities on calendar in club house and record them in ledger to be reported each month at meetings.


D.     Recording Secretary – Shall attend and keep accurate minutes of all meetings, (Regular, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee).  Shall furnish the Treasurer with the names of all those elected to membership.  Shall keep a complete and accurate recording of all lands leased to the Club on the State Permit required areas.


E.     Corresponding Secretary – Shall give notice to the members of all

Club meetings and attend to all the publicity and formal notices of the Club.  Shall keep and file the records of the Club including a list of all the names and addresses of the members.


F.     Treasurer – Shall be charged with the collection and receipt of all dues and monies of the Club.  Shall keep its accounts and report thereon at each regular meeting of the Club.  Shall pay all bills when audited and approved by majority vote except that he shall be empowered to pay regular utility and tax bills when due without membership approval.  Shall mail the annual dues bills by September 1st of each year and shall follow through on mailing the required letter thirty days prior  to the delinquent period.  When a member is dropped due to nonpayment of dues he/she shall be notified to return the key to the Club.  The accounts shall be audited annually and reported at the next regular meeting.


G.     Board of Trustees – Shall oversee the general operation and running of the Club to ensure that all by-laws and rules are complied with.  They are empowered to enforce all rules and regulations and may call a Special Meeting of the Club when deemed appropriate.


H.     Executive Committee:


1.      The Executive Committee is made up of the Elected Officers of the Club.  The President shall serve as the chairman of the committee.


2.      They shall hold meetings at least two weeks prior to regular meetings to establish the agenda.


3.      No purchases, contracts, or bills shall be incurred against the Club or in the name of the Club without the endorsement of the Executive

Committee, and approval by the membership present at any regular meeting. 

The membership by majority vote may grant fiscal year approval for the Trap and Entertainment Committee Chairmen to pay reasonable and proper operating expenses from cash receipts, subject to audit by the     membership. Such expenditures shall be supported by written receipts and shall be reported at the next regular meeting.



4.      This committee shall not exceed any monies in more than of the sum of $500.00 without the approval of the membership present at any regular meeting. Any expenditure in more than $1000.00 must be tabled, posted in the club newsletter and voted upon at the next meeting. This excludes emergencies and clay targets purchases.


Section 4.  Vacancies of Office.


     A vacancy in any of the elected positions may be filled by a majority vote of the members present at the next regular monthly meeting, by secret ballot.


Section 5.  Impeachment of Officers.


     Any Officer may be impeached for abuse of his authority or misconduct on Club property or hunting areas, and be given a fair hearing as prescribed in Article V.




Appointed Committees


     The following listed Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President no later than the March meeting.  The President shall appoint as many members to any one Committee as he deems necessary.  Each Committee shall elect their own Chairman.  The following Standing committees are:



A.     Membership

B.     Hunting

C.     Trap

D.     Range

E.     House

F.     Nominating

G.     Archery


The following committees shall be appointed by the President as needed: By-Laws, Land, Entertainment. The March deadline does not apply to these committees.  



Non-Member Guests


Each member is to be present with his guest when using the Club and/or Range.  No member may give permission to non-members to use the Club or Range without that member being present and upon signing the Guest Book.  Non-Members name first and member second with date and day of usage of Club or Range.  Spouse and children or limit of four guests and abide by all rules. The club member is responsible for the safety and liability of their guest and must have them abide by all the club rules.




Limitations of Liabilities


The Branford Gun Club, Inc., shall not be liable for personal injuries or property damage sustained by any member, his family or guests while they are on or about the premises of the Club or other property under its control.




Club Rule and regulations


Rules and regulations governing the use of the Club and its properties shall be determined by the membership and posted within the Club House.  All members are honor bound to abide by these rules and regulations.





These By-Laws may be amended by a motion made in writing and seconded at a regular meeting specifying the proposed amendment, which motion shall be posted in the Club House, shall be tabled until the next regular meeting and each member shall receive written notice of the proposed amendment.


No part of these By-Laws shall be repealed, suspended or amended, unless a proposal in writing and signed, by three members, be presented at a regular meeting.  Said proposal shall be tabled without discussion until it is published in the Club Bulletin and at the next regular Club meeting it shall be discussed and acted upon, when if a clear two thirds (2/3) of the total votes cast are in favor the proposal shall be passed and adopted.  All voting shall be by closed written ballot.  Ballots shall be counted and tallied by the Secretary or any other Club Officer or Officers.  The exact tally of yeas and nays shall be written into the Club record and published in the next monthly Bulletin.


​​Branford Gun Club
Established 1936
P.O. Box 492
Branford CT  06405

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