Thank you to Louise and John Buzzard for their donation of our new handmade American flag entitled " Welcome Home "from Flags of Valor a made in American Company owned and operated by  Combat Veterans. Visit their web-site  for additional information or to purchase a flag of your own.


by V

​Work party Sat. July 7 & July 14 9AM cut and remove firewood  from Archery field,  whell barrows chainsaws needed , New members are reminded that  they must work 2hrs. in each aspect of club.

 Upon completion of using range please empty trash and remove any unusable targets

​Fees for 2019 will be set at August meeting

​​Public range shooting is now closed  Thank you to all our Range Officers that worked the shoots and to all the shooters that attended our shoots.


​We are in need of ways to promote our trap and 5 stand fields 

​Rabbit machine has been repaired  5 stand  will be up and running Sunday July 8th

​5 Stand is now open . public welcome Sunday 9AM- 1PM

​                                                                 Wednesday 4PM-8PM

​Please remember to sign trap log when opening house


Please remember to turn speakers off​refill machine ,breakdown boxes and put in dumpsterf​if necessary empty trash barrels

​Shooting fee per 25 targets Trap Member $3 Non Member $5

                                              5 Stand Member $5 Non Member $6

​Extended Shooting hours on a trial basis Trap field hours ,Daily 9AM -8PM, members are reminded that these are self service hours  ​. Sunday & Wed. 4PM-8PM remain open to public also and will be committee operated.



Club is looking for ways to increase activity in our Archery field,contact Ed with any suggestions

Membership now stands at 180​​

All members are required to be NRA members see Joe DaCosta  to sign up  you receive a discounted price. Membership list was submitted to NRA for verification and shows 50 members with either expired  or no Membership number please contact either Paul O'Neill  to check your status.

​New members on payment plan are reminded that they are required to make monthly payment of $100 per month until balance is paid. We do not bill it is your responsibility to make these payments on time

Reminder No loaded firearms allowed in clubhouse

Range public shoot events firearms must be unloaded prior to entering range building

Upon leaving clubhouse please check that rear doors  are closed and locked​ 

​Upon leaving range please make sure your brass has been removed lights are off 

​ A copy of the by-laws is available on By-Laws page 

​At Friends of the NRA dinner club was awarded a firearm which is being raffled . Tickets have been printed 500 tickets @$5 per 

Tickets are now available for sale 

​Any member wanting to sell tickets can pick them up see John Buzzard

Reminder ​​members guest must be accompanied by the member at all times while on club property, they cannot be left alone and unsupervised  IE If you leave the range they leave the range. Member is responsible to make sure they follow all club rules.

Instructors are reminded that all classes must be called in , payment must be made on same day as class.

​There will be a limit of 2 classes per time frame to assure members access to shooting lanes

or removing 

​Reminder Camera footage is being reviewed regularly for compliance of club rules , anyone 

​​violating club rules will be contacted and will be held accountable .

​Defacing or removing any club posting or signage  or equipment is a violation of club rules and violator will be brought before E-Board and answer to membership.

​Work Hours 2/3s  of the club year has passed so members are reminded there are only 4 months remaining to get your work hours in or be assessed . Contact Dave Bicknell or a committee chair person 

​Work hour opportunity  rake or blow and bag wads from  cases Trap pad

​Load clay targets into Trap house 50 cases  Combo to shed and trap house are the same

​Members that plan on joining the hunting program a $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot ,this fee will be used to help with cost of birds

Club hats for sale $15 see Paul



Branford Gun Club
Established 1936
P.O. Box 492
Branford CT  06405

CCC​​​​Next  Meeting August 6th @7:30PMype your paragraph here.