July Newsletter

Updated: Jul 17

Welcome to new member Robert Cincotta

New members are reminded that during their first year they are required to work 2 hours in each aspect of the club .Contact Paul or the chair of each aspect

Reminder upon completion of shooting in indoor range entire range is to be swept not just the first 20 feet

If Steel plate racks are used please return them to the side walls

Trap shooters are reminded to fill trap machine upon completion of shooting. Breakdown target boxes and place in dumpster.

Members interested in firewood please contact Ed Vianney for location of available firewood.

Grant Application has been submitted to the NRA for heating system for the indoor range.

Current proposal is for $6,500 system

Members interested in the Hunting Program contact Frank Funaro, a cash payment of $50 is required by the Sept. meeting to reserve a spot.

At the August meeting we will be setting

Fees for 2023

Date for a club picnic

Work hour opportunities

Deadline to complete requirement is Sept. 30th to avoid the $200 fine for non-completion new members are reminded they must complete 2 hours in each aspect of club NOT OPTIONAL

Trap house needs to be loaded with 40 cases of clay targets.

Deck needs painting

Brush around 5-stand needs cutting back

John Buzzard is currently working on club yearbook for 2022 if you have any pictures of club activities or currently deceased members, please submit them to John at Buzzardjohn@comcast.net

Last person out please check that all doors are locked, lights off, plate removed from from door, etc.

NRA has received our membership list and is reviewing for members status. Members needing to renew or sign up you can do so via our website to receive a reduced fee. Please submit your NRA # to Mario upon receipt of your membership number.

Hope to see you around the club or at the August meeting

Next meeting August 1st @ 7:30 PM

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