Website Member's Area

Updated: Jan 9

If you haven't already, request to become a member on our website! Once approved (all members in good standing will be approved), you will have access to download an app (WIX Spaces) which is a private BGC social media page that integrates with our website.

Specific to our website by registering, certain pages are locked down to only members in good standing (Under the title Member Pages). Once registered, these pages will recognize your login and allow you in vs. having to type a specific Branford Gun Club password.

To register, on the top right hand side of our website click "Login" then signup to create a new profile. Once complete, our committee will verify you are a member in good standing and approve your request (Typically within 12 hrs).

If you have any problems, utilize the chat feature on the website or the contact feature. Thank you, Webmaster

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