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Branford Gun Club, Inc. – Membership Requirements

(Effective January 10, 2020)


This document describes the application process and requirements for membership in the Branford Gun Club. This application and the Club bylaws and policies document will be available on the Club's website once voted in as a member at  If the prospective member has any questions regarding Club membership, policies, fees, etc. these questions should be communicated to a Club Board Member and answered prior to submitting an application.



Branford Gun Club policies require every prospective member to agree to a background check administered by the Club. All information gathered in this process is kept confidential and will determine membership eligibility. This check is to ensure that new members are legally able to own, possess, and use a firearm as described by Federal and Connecticut State Laws.

The Application Process

Step I - The applicant presents the completed application together with a color copy of a current Driver's License or official ID and a copy of an up to date NRA card or document showing the NRA Membership Number and Expiration Date, and a check for the application fee to the Club at a General Meeting held the first Monday of each month, OR mail the application. Make checks payable to “Branford Gun Club”. Dues are prorated based on the month you are voted into the Club. Mailing Address: Branford Gun Club, P.O. Box 492, Branford CT 06405.


Step 2 -The information provided by the prospective member is used to run the required background check.


Step 3 - The results of the background check are returned to the membership staff for review.


Step 4 – The application decision will be provided to the prospective member by the Club membership staff. Applicants will be notified directing them how to proceed with the Membership Process.


Step 5 – The applicants, who have passed the background check will be invited to the next General Meeting, held the first Monday of each month at 7:30 PM, for consideration and final acceptance by the Club Membership.


Step 6 – National Rifle Association The Branford Gun Club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association. To be a member of the Branford Gun Club, you must provide proof of a current NRA Membership which is required for the application and all subsequent annual membership renewals. If you are not currently a member, you must join the NRA. When you join the NRA they will provide a receipt for application and this can serve as temporary proof of NRA Membership. Upon receiving your official NRA Membership card and number you are required to provide this to the Membership Coordinator. You may join the NRA by going to Branford Gun Club’s NRA link:


If you go to our website, you will receive a $10.00 discount for joining through the Club recruiting page. Additional savings for multiple year NRA Memberships are also available when you go through the Club website. Applicants whose application has been declined based on the results of the background check will be refunded the dues fees. APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

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