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Required for All New Members!
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Branford Gun Club!

Branford Gun Club Range Safety Rules


For Everyone’s Safety!

Please follow all range safety rules or you will be subject to a loss of range privileges or possible suspension from the Branford Gun Club!


  • I understand Range Safety Rules numbered one through thirteen as listed below.

  • I will always follow those rules, Without Exception, if I wish to use the indoor shooting range.

  • I will carefully inform and instruct any guest or student that I bring into the range that uses a firearm of the same safety rules.

  • I will always be in position to monitor my guest or student to ensure that they are complying with the safety rules listed below.

  • I will make certain that my guests or students are thoroughly familiar with the safe use of any firearm they will be handling or shooting prior to and during the use of the lower range.


As members of the BGC and the NRA we must practice firearms safety rather than ignore it.

  1. I will always keep the muzzle of my firearm pointed down range especially when loading or unloading.

  2. I will never raise the muzzle of my firearm above the top of the target prior to or while shooting.

  3. I will keep my finger off the trigger especially when loading and unloading until my firearm is pointed at the center of the target.

  4. I will not crossfire on another target but only shoot at the target directly in line with my shooting port.

  5. I will activate the range exhaust fan and all necessary lighting when firing and turn off the range fan and any necessary lighting if I am the last person to leave the range.

  6. I will not use any magnum ammunition or any reloaded ammunition that exceeds the pressures outlined by the Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturing institute SAAM!

  7. I will only use pistol caliber ammunition.

  8. I will always use eye and ear protection on the lower range.

  9. I will pick up all my cartridge casings and place them in the proper receptacle.

  10. I will empty all trash containers on the lower and upper range if I am the last one to leave the range.

  11. All range doors upper & lower must be closed while there is live firing in progress.

  12. When live firing is in progress members must ring the doorbell and wait for a cease fire before opening the door to enter the lower range.

  13. I understand that at no time am I allowed to remove signs posted and approved by the Club’s President or 2nd Vice President or remove any Club equipment without permission from the Club’s President or the 2nd Vice President, and report to either person any damage to property or and acts of recklessness by any club member.

I have read and understand my obligations as a member of the Branford Gun Club.  I especially acknowledge Range Safety Rules numbered one through thirteen as indicated by my signature. I understand that any violation of these safety rules by me or my guests or students may result in the loss of range privileges or possible suspension from the Branford Gun Club.


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