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​​Branford Gun Club
Established 1936
P.O. Box 492
Branford CT  06405

Dues bills have been mailed and are due by Nov.1st

Effective Oct. 1st new fee for Instructor's is $25 per student as approved at August meeting


Nominations for Officers for 2021

President          Paul O'Neill

1st VP               Frank Funaro

2nd VP              David Suarez

Treasurer         Mario Fasano

Secretary         Stephanie Chicares

4 Yr. Trustee    David Bicknell 

 The safe (locker) and furnace  that were in the lower range are available if you have use for them 


2 weeks remain to complete work hours

Work Hour Opportunity 

We need to transport targets to club from North Branford ,pickup trucks and members needed. If you can help we are meeting at club Wed. Sept. 16 @ 12:30

Due to the Pandemic there are no plans for Public Range Shoots


Please disinfect tables upon completion of classes 

Remove and food you supplied

Empty trash cans

Place chairs back to tables 

Please take the time to read the range rules and be sure to follow them. If your not sure call and check

Help is needed on thTVe trap committee see Paul if you are interested

Last person out make sure doors are locked ,lights out ,TV off 

Members on payment plan it is your responsibility to make your minimum monthly payment of $100 .

Club is open and available for your and your guest use subject to Governor Lamont's Executive orders

Due to Social Distancing limits lower range and upper range are restricted to a maximum of 5 people total at 1 time. Additional people may either remain in their cars outside range or in clubhouse until room permits.

As we all adjust to the new norm please be considerate of other members, as we all adjust.

​Stay safe be careful stay healthy. Hope to see you soon


Any pistol permit class for under 3 students must be taught in upper range. Classes for 3 or more students may use clubhouse, with the understanding that members will still have acugust cess to clubhouse.

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